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Click to Call

An elite one-touch feature that helps your user to ring you in a few seconds. Must have feature for every business person.

Click to Chat

A click that will lead directly into your WhatsApp chat box; not necessarily a customer should save your number.

Click to Mail

With a single tap, any customer across the globe can send you email and avail the business service from you.

Add to contact

Providing a direct link to let the customers save your contacts directly into their mobile address book.

Social media sharing

Experiment the world of possibilities from social shares through our digital card to enhance the business.

Profile picture with logo

Helps to improve the relationship with your customers by adding the business or personal picture with the business logo.


A crispy real-time practice to enhance your business and personal profile is to carry promotional activities. Our digital card replaces the promotional strategy easily.

Social profile & website

With the provision to add your website and social profile, the digital card helps you to be reachable to the customers easily.

QR promotion

To forecast your tiny profile into a bigger marketing profile.

Contact form

It aids every user who accesses your digital card to fill their queries and allows you to be in touch with them through the contact sheet.

Click to navigate

Quickest way for your customers to navigate your profile and get all the necessary information.

Add payment Option

A direct link to route the customers into the payment page, enabling them to transact money from their account to your business site.

Easiest Payment Methods To Get Started With Digital Visiting Card

We have a wide range of payment methods available under our sign up and renewal option to make it extremely easy for our Users to get started within no time.

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