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To be effective the mesh of a mosquito net must be fine enough to exclude such insects without obscuring visibility or ventilation to unacceptable levels. It is possible to increase the effectiveness of a mosquito net greatly by pretreating it with an appropriate insecticide or insect repellent. Research has shown mosquito nets to be an extremely effective method of malaria prevention, averting approximately 663 million cases of malaria over the period. A mosquito bar is an alternate form of a mosquito net. It is constructed of a fine see-through mesh fabric mounted on and draped over a box-shaped frame. It is designed to fit over an area or item such as a sleeping bag to provide protection from insects.

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A Mosquito Net Is A Type Of Meshed Curtain That Is Circumferentially And Other Pest Insects, And Thus Against The Diseases They May Carry. Examples Of Such Preventable Insect-Borne Diseases Including The West Nile Virus.

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